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Zuluvape Submitted PMTA Application to the US FDA

Zuluvape Submitted PMTA Application to the US FDA

Posted by Zuluvape Management on 12th Nov 2020

Zuluvape is pleased to announce that we submitted our PMTA to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on September 5, 2020. As a manufacturer of e-liquid products, Zuluvape is required to go through the PMTA process to remain on the market. The goal of this submission is to receive marketing orders from FDA for our e-liquid products, allowing us to continue providing our retailers and consumers with high-quality e-liquid.

Since opening our first retail location in 2013, we have grown more than we could have imagined. Over the years, we expanded Zuluvape while being mindful of future regulations for the e-liquid industry. Over the past year, Zuluvape employees have dedicated a lot of time and resources to compile the necessary materials for our Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA). We are confident in the products we submitted and look forward to providing our customers with flavorful, affordable and FDA compliant e-liquid long into the future.

Zuluvape’s PMTA submission includes product-specific details, consumer survey data, and scientific studies and analyses, as well as risk assessments. Our application specifically pursues marketing orders for all of our e-liquid products in various flavors, nicotine levels and sizes. Zuluvape is committed to creating and manufacturing the highest quality e-liquid products on the market for our adult users. Zuluvape will always do what is right and what is 100% compliant.

We are confident in our submission and look forward to the PMTA process.